I first signed up for Stephanie and Niedra’s foot workshop because I was planning a walking tour in France and wanted to be sure my feet would hold up during 25 to 20 mile/per/day (for six days in a row) walks. Not only did I learn a number of exercises to strengthen my feet, but by the end of the workshop, I was super aware of the way good foot alignment affects the entire body. I did at least some of the exercises every day – and my feet made it through all the walking and hiking relatively unscathed. I highly recommend the workshop. In fact, I thought it was so great that I took it a second time.
— Torene Svitil
Hey Stephanie,

I’m so sad to not have in&up around the corner. Working with Irene & Katie in your studio has been the best exercise experience of my life. I have never been able to stick with something structured for that long. I loved coming to class each week and felt great afterward – mind, body & spirit. I loved being able to feel the improvement, learn the exercises and gain strength and understanding – it was overall an incredibly empowering experience and I also just loved and enjoyed it. Thanks for providing an environment so conducive to learning and to enjoying pilates. I already miss it. Thanks again,
— Laura
I’ve been an outdoors and fitness writer for nearly twenty years, and an ardent practitioner of Pilates for over five years. Strike that. I’m a Pilates fanatic. When I began Pilates, I was hobbled by an old hip injury so bad that I’d lost my ability to bike, run, or do any of the outdoor sports that not only had made my living for me, but had constituted my entire identity. Three months after I began doing Pilates, I had recovered sufficiently to begin doing everything I’d thought I’d lost forever. I started at a moderate pace, but a year later, I was back in shape. Today, at 46, I’m as capable as I was before my injury...Read more >

– Dan Koeppel

Growing up, I was the stereotypical Fat Kid; I dreaded gym class, ate donuts for lunch and watched the afternoon movie instead of riding bikes with my brothers. As an adult, I battled the results of a lifetime of physical inactivity and poor diet – back problems, flabby physique and a sluggish disposition. I had no energy, was depressed over how I looked and waged a daily battle with my fickle digestive system...Read more >

– Rodney Johnson

Many, many thanks for making me stronger, healthier and more fit than I ever thought I could be.
I started coming to In & Up Pilates about two years ago. I’d injured my lower back and my doctor suggested Pilates as a way to prevent injuries in the future. I have to say, I was skeptical. I was still in a lot of pain from my injury, and I’d never been one to do much exercising. I really couldn’t imagine how an exercise class was going to do anything to help my back pain. Pilates — and In & Up Pilates in particular — helped me more than I could have imagined...Read more >

– Deborah

I have a congenital spine disorder with paraplegia and have used a wheelchair since 2006. When I observed my rib cage sinking into my pelvis, one spinal side effect of prolonged wheelchair use, I was compelled to search for a pilates studio to strengthen the core muscles that hold my spine aloft, and increase stamina and range of motion. I found In & Up Pilates online and began working with Heidi, Christina and Stephanie at the studio... Read more >

– Marielle Kriesel