Intro to Pilates Mat

An introductory class to set a good foundation and understanding of Pilates mat work. This class focuses on the principles of Pilates, what the powerhouse is, how to use it and breathe while continuing to keep it IN & UP. Clients new to Pilates will be taught basic technique and clients familiar with Pilates can refresh their knowledge of core exercises.

Classic Mat - All Levels

Open to all fitness and pilates experience levels.  Challenges the powerhouse with a combination of beginner, intermediate and advanced movements. Exercise modifications are employed whenever necessary.

Advanced Mat

A 45 minute mat class to challenge your powerhouse with more complex movements and actively integrate the Pilates Principle of Flow. Not only do you flow through each individual exercise, this class uses transitions to flow seamlessly from one exercise to the next.  No breaks are taken in this class to add cardio to our strength routine.  This class is recommended for those knowledgeable of the Pilates mat work and free of injuries.

Private & Duet Instruction

Private and Duet Instruction is the principle way of learning and refining your Pilates technique.  We offer standing appointments seven days a week.  Please call to schedule an appointment. The class may involve one or more of the following pieces of equipment: mat, magic circle, wunda chair, Cadillac, and reformers.

All classes are by appointment only. Class size is limited. Please call to schedule an appointment. Or, if we have already registered you for our online access, feel free to use MINDBODY scheduling at the link on the right. All students transferring to the studio MUST take an assessment private to determine their strength and experience level.