Within a month I had strong core muscles again!

“I have a congenital spine disorder with paraplegia and have used a wheelchair since 2006. When I observed my rib cage sinking into my pelvis, one spinal side effect of prolonged wheelchair use, I was compelled to search for a pilates studio to strengthen the core muscles that hold my spine aloft, and increase stamina and range of motion. I found In & Up Pilates online and began working with Heidi, Christina and Stephanie at the studio.

Within a month I had strong core muscles again! Initially, I resisted the idea of participating in a public mat class because I was afraid that able-bodied clients would not want to be in a mat class with me and the instructors would dismiss me as an inferior body. However, the instructors made the studio a safe place by insisting not in a privileging of bodies as is the prevailing cultural dogma, but in applying the classical methodology of Joseph Pilates. Customized critiques for all clients and inventive modifications when indicated to do the work are also standard practice. I learned to trust them with my body, and that was the most difficult transformation.

I am no longer in LA and I miss the innovative inclusiveness, instructive insights, respect for different bodies, hard work and camaraderie I experienced attending mat classes at In & Up Pilates.”


Marielle Kriesel